FIDES Report 2014/2015

The main project undertaken by FIDES since June 2014 is the union catalogue of FIDES libraries which uses Koha system. There is one installation of the system on FIDES’ server, which is accessible via the Internet. The aim is to have one bibliographical record for all items from different libraries. The catalogue is fully controlled by authority files. As a rule shared cataloguing of new documents in Polish NUKAT union database is adopted. Our project is based on strong cooperation with NUKAT – the union catalogue of Polish research and academic libraries. Thus member libraries participating in the project are also members of NUKAT community. The membership in NUKAT and shared cataloguing is free of charge.

If a requested bibliographic record is present in NUKAT database, the library can download it together with all related authority records to the local catalogue. If a requested bibliographic record has not been added yet to NUKAT database, the library is supposed to create all necessary authority records first and the bibliographic record next – after the bibliographic record is added to the union database, it can be downloaded to the local catalogue. All records added to NUKAT database are available for unlimited, repeatable downloads. When the bibliographic record is copied to the local database, the cataloguer is supposed to add appropriate library symbol to NUKAT bibliographic record to mark the location of the document. The database management and data input and output is done with Virtua integrated library system.

By now we have eight member libraries participating in the project. Next libraries are expected to join in the nearest future. The number of records in FIDES catalogue amounts now more than 250,000. The impact of our libraries on NUKAT database is about 2,500 new records during last year. The catalogue can be accessed at

FIDES continues also its previous activities and projects. Three other central services are present in the Internet: an online theological bibliographical database, a digital library and a multi browser FIDKAR (with about 80 searchable catalogues and bibliographical databases). The theological bibliographical database (EBNT = [in Polish] “Elektroniczna Bibliografia Nauk Teologicznych”) indexes articles and essays published mostly since 1980 in about 200 Polish periodicals on theology, philosophy and religious studies and in more than 500 Festschriften and congress publications. In this project FIDES cooperates with the National Library of Poland and receives from it new bibliographical records every month. As the National Library indexes only periodicals, FIDES provides records of articles and essays from other publications and also retrospective indexing for some journal issues. This database is accessible from the FIDES website. At the moment the total number of records is more than 95,000. It can be accessed at The digital library of FIDES ( comprises 1638 publications. These digital resources are available also via European Digital Library “Europeana”.

Two issues of the semi-annual bulletin “Fides” were published in 2015. The bulletin is fully digitised from the first issue in 1995 and fully indexed, and available from the Federation’s web services.

From June 2011 FIDES has its fan page on Facebook and the number of fans amounts 420.

The number of members of FIDES amounts 84 libraries. The 21st General Assembly of FIDES was held on Sept. 1-3 2015 in the Library of Catholic University of Lublin, which is the biggest Church library in Poland.

(Report presented to BETH)