FIDES Report 2008/2009

The actual number of members of FIDES amounts 84 libraries. The Federation had an interesting 15th General Assembly at the Library of Diocesan Theological Seminary "Hosianum" in Olsztyn on 7-10 September 2009. Almost a half of all members participated in this meeting. Also this year an official representative from the episcopate – bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski – was present. The meeting included a one day symposium on preservation of the historical collection of that library. The future of the association was discussed. The main problem encountered this year is a withdrawing of our founder and leader Fr. K. Gonet from his work for church libraries (he became a parish priest). Also a collapse of a software currently being used in almost all FIDES libraries, which is not further supported, is a big trouble for almost all members.

Nevertheless FIDES continues most of its previous activities and projects. A theological thesaurus with subject headings (key words with definitions, relations and rules of use) for cataloguing in FIDES libraries is already finished and placed on the Website. A handbook for FIDES libraries to the use of MARC 21 formatting is being prepared. FIDES Federation cooperates with the Polish central academic catalogue NUKAT ( using and distributing an authority files. Three our central services are present in the Internet: a website, a multi browser FIDKAR (with 50 searchable catalogues and almost the same bibliographical databases) and a digital library.

The digital library of FIDES ( comprises now 668 publications: 35 digitised old books and incunabula, 30 new books and 40 volumes of periodicals, and more than 500 separate articles from periodicals (80%). From its launching till August 2009 it reached one million visits. A matter of interest could be that FIDES digital library is working on the same software system (named “dLibra”) as almost 40 other digital libraries in Poland. It is also a part of a Digital Libraries Federation, a network of distributed digital libraries and repositories in Poland ( The Digital Libraries Federation mission is to facilitate the use of resources from Polish digital libraries, increase the visibility and popularity of resources from Polish digital libraries in the Internet, enable new advanced network services based on the resources from Polish digital libraries to internet users and digital libraries creators. In the near future, as DLF will be ready to join the Europeana Digital Library, also resources from FIDES digital library will be seen on it (via DLF). Also some individual FIDES libraries participate in projects of digitisation with other institutions, and then their scanned resources are present in other digital libraries in Poland, belonging also to the Digital Libraries Federation. Thus a searching (e.g. from the site of the FIDES Digital Library) is possible.